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Welcome to the NYC-3 - Luxury Train Travel

NYC-3 private railcar on Amtrak train traveling in New England

Of the thousands of inspired comments concerning private railroad car travel,
famous actress and playwright Eleanor Robson (Mrs. August) Belmont said it best:

"A private railroad car is not an acquired taste. One takes to it immediately!"

Come ride aboard New York Central 3, built for Harold Sterling Vanderbilt more than 85 years ago, but maintained to Vanderbilt standards of excellence and certified for 110 miles per hour on passenger trains in the U. S. and Canada. With service equal to its pedigree, there is no finer way to see this grand continent or to explore the diverse cities which mark the Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada Routes. From Halifax, Quebec City, Montreal and New York to Los Angeles and San Diego, and from Seattle and Vancouver, BC to New Orleans, Jacksonville and Miami, NYC 3 has seen all the sights and made all the stops, delighting not only every single passenger but also all the people who've seen the car en-route and who dream of traveling in this grand style in the future.

Travel the country in style aboard a private rail car

NYC 3 rounds the famed Horseshoe Curve between Altoona and Pittsburgh, PA. PRR railfans had learned about the trip on the internet and were out in force with signs such as "Down with the New York Central".

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